Student Papers

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Northeast 2020 Conference invites undergraduate and graduate students to submit a papers to the Student Paper Competition. Papers will be presented by students and judged during the conference student paper presentation session.  The student paper awards will be announced at the Conference banquet. The ASEE, the University of Bridgeport and industry partners will sponsor several monetary awards for the highest ranking, presented papers.

Paper Submissions

Students are encouraged to present their on-going or finished projects. A paper abstract will be submitted in advance and reviewed by the Student Papers Technical Committee.  The student authors of accepted papers abstracts will be invited to develop a paper.  Accepted papers will presented and judged by the Student Papers Technical Committee.

Student Papers Technical Committee

Dr. Miad Faezipour, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Navarun Guputa, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Larry Hmurcik, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Yongli Yang, WUST, China
Dr. Zheng Li, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Saeid Moslehpour, University of Hartford
Prof. Abhilasha Tibrewal, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Nancy Wei, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Linfeng Zhang, University of Bridgeport
Dr. D. Cenk Erdil, Sacred Heart University