Professional Papers

1.    College Faculty and Students Professional Papers (for presentation, potential inclusion in Proceedings upon acceptance, and best conference paper awards consideration)

2.    K-12 Educators Professional papers (for presentation, potential inclusion in Proceedings upon acceptance, and best conference paper awards consideration)

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) North-East Conference seeks presentations and invites submissions of full-length papers in topics related to the ASEE’s primary objectives. These objectives include: promoting scholarly educational research methodologies on learning and methods of engineering instruction, dissemination of knowledge on engineering teaching and learning, encouraging efforts to improve instruction through development of innovative materials and techniques, sound instructional designs, and improved evaluation methodologies and enhancing the status of teaching in the university and beyond.

A full paper must be submitted electronically through the ASEE-NE Section submission system.


Topics of Interest

  1. Advances in Engineering and Research
  2. Best Practices in Online Engineering Education
  3. Engineering Education and Accreditation
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education
  5. Engineering Ethics
  6. Diversity and Racism in Engineering Education
  7. Lab based instruction and learning
  8. Applied Research and Technology Innovation

Paper Submissions

These are reports of results from research projects. Papers must include relevant literature and background, methodology, and research results. The standard number of pages is 6 and the maximum page limit is 8 pages. Please download the required submission template for professional papers. Additional information on paper requirements is given below. All papers will be “publish-to-present,” meaning:

Acceptance of the paper will depend on a successful peer review of the paper. Papers submitted to the ASEE Zone 1 Conference should include relevant research results and/or assessment information, as a rigorous peer review can be expected. Incomplete papers will not be accepted. Presentation of the paper at the Conference is required for publication of the paper in the conference proceedings. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference proceedings and the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Selected papers will be invited for publication at various peer-reviewed journals. All papers must be submitted through the Online Conference System. Please click here to submit your paper.

Presentation Guidelines

  1. Please be in the session room at least 15 minutes before your presentation begins in order to load your presentation onto the meeting room computer and check in with the session chair.
  2. Please submit your brief bio to the session chair to be introduced before your presentation.
  3. Try to use standard fonts on your presentation (e.g., Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial, New Times Roman). Basic fonts are included on the session room computers; unusual fonts may not be displayed properly.
  4. Bring your presentation material saved in a USB flash drive (please run virus check before bringing the data).
  5. Each concurrent session will be 75 minutes long. Most sessions will consist of four presentations.
  6. Each presenter will be introduced briefly by the session chair.
  7. Each presenter is allocated 10 minutes for oral presentation, and 5 minutes for Q & A. In case of a no-show, you may receive more time to present your work or for the Q & A section.
  8. You will be reminded twice – when the time is 5 minutes left, and when it is one minute left.

Professional Papers Technical Committee Members

Dr. Joyce Hu, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Elif Kongar, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Buket Barkana, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Prabir Patra, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Kathleen Engelmann, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Maria Gherasimova, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Larry Hmurcik, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Jing Liu, WUST, China
Dr. Jin Wu, WUST, China
Dr. Zhigang Jiang, WUST, China
Prof. Jian Ping Li, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China
Dr. Asif Khan, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China
Mr. Frank Kuchinski Poulsen Hybrid, LLC
Dr. Jeremy Li, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Nelson Ngoh, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Saion Sinha, University of New Haven
Prof. Abhilasha Tibrewal, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Xingguo Xiong, University of Bridgeport
Dr. Bhushan Dharmadhikari, Minnesota State University
Dr. Issac Macwan, Fairfield University
Dr. Tolga Kaya, Sacred Heart University
Dr. Adrian Ruso, Fairfield University
Dr. Nadiye O. Erdil, University of New Haven


General Chair: Hassan Bajwa, University of Bridgeport
Organization Chair: Navarun Gupta, University of Bridgeport
Advisory Committee Chair: Semahat Demir, Istanbul Kultur University
Program Technical Committee Chair: Sarosh Patel, University of Bridgeport